Tandem & Solo skydives
at the North Pole

Tandem & Solo skydives at the North Pole

Duration: 3 days

Cost: upon request

1st day
Arrival to Longyearbyen (Spitsbergen, Norway), and independent transfer to your hotel. At the hotel you will receive the message, when and where our Information meeting will take place. Our staff will brief you on the current situation at the ice camp Barneo, inform you about polar flight departure time, and answer any questions you might have. Free time in the capital of Spitsbergen – Longyearbyen.
2nt day
Transfer to the airport for the flight to ice camp Barneo. Flight from Longyearbyen to Barneo by AN-74 aircraft (approx. flight duration: 2 hrs 30 min). Arrival to Barneo, acquaintance with ice camp Barneo, located at 89 degree North. Accommodation will be provided in the heated tents of the Ice Camp (each tent comfortably accommodates 10-12 persons). Free time on ice in the unexampled close distance to the North Pole. Sleeping in the heated tent at Barneo Ice Camp
3rt day
MI-8 helicopter brings you to the geographic North Pole at first chance, depending on weather and ice conditions (approx. flight duration: 40 min). Celebrating of the arrival to the North Pole right on spot! We have about 1 hours at the North Pole. Return to the ice camp Barneo by MI-8 helicopter, approx. flight duration: 40 min. Full catering during your stay at ice camp Barneo. The North Pole Certificate ceremony at Barneo’s the most Northern Polar Cafe. We take off back to Longyearbyen on the AN-74 aircraft (approx. flight duration 2 h 30 min). Transfer to hotel.
4th day
Free time. You have a chance to take part in Svalbard adventure activities (not included, advance booking required). Independent transfer to the airport for your flight home.

Please note: all charter flights are heavily weather dependent!

Changes and amendments may apply to the program, depending on the weather, ice or other conditions. It is important to consider possible delays or alterations, and take them with patience. We strongly recommend you to acquire insurance against full or partial cancellation of the expedition.

Skydiving requirements for SOLO jumpers

  • • The FAI category “D” (500+ skydive jumps) is mandatory for all participants of the expedition, exclude
    tandem passengers
  • • No medical contraindications for parachute jumps.
  • • A valid logbook with the clearance for performing parachute jumps in the year 2020.
  • • Approved for operation parachute system, with a legal mark of admission in 2020.
  • • The insurance Certificate with the amount of insurance coverage of at least 100,000 euros, taking into
    account the performing of parachute jumps in the Arctic region.

Parachute system requirements:

  • The landing area on Barneo Ice Camp will be equipped with everything necessary for safe performing of
    parachute jumps, however, taking into account the specifics of the terrain, we strongly do not recommend
    using the main parachute domes with a load of more than 1.5 lb/sq.ft, it is also highly undesirable to use
    high-speed elliptical canopies. The use of high-speed domes with oblique ribs is PROHIBITED. This
    restriction is caused by the possibility of ridges of hummocks, ice ledges, ice crevices, rapaks and other
    obstacles in the area of the jumps. Moreover, if you need to choose a backup landing area, the high-speed
    canopy may not provide the necessary level of safety. Seven-section parachutes, such as PD Spectre and
    analogues are ideal for performing such jumps, as they are the most predictable and perfectly controlled
    in any conditions. The size of the main canopy should usually be at least 150 sq.ft.
  • 1) The weight of the tandem passenger must not exceed 130 kg
  • 2) No medical contraindications for parachute jumps in tandem.


We advise you optional basic polar expedition clothes kit, but everyone endures cold differently. Therefore, if you have some items in your wardrobe, which are tested in cold environment and suit you, you are welcome to bring them.

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