Expeditions to the North Pole

We offer a wide variety of expeditions to the Polar Regions:

General information

One of our goals is to make that the tourists have time and opportunity to enjoy the unique and fascinating world of the Arctic, to understand it and to feel its inspiration. Our expeditions are designed with maximum safety for the participants and minimum impact on nature.


Please find below information on some hotels:


Helicopter expedition to the North Pole and one night on ice

Participation in this expedition is not extremely difficult, if you do not have a serious disability. There are no any special requirements to potential members of the expedition. If you are able to fly on the regular flights, it is most likely you can fly on the aircraft AN-74. AN-74 is a simple yet reliable and comfortable jet airplane, and MI-8 helicopter, though having a plain interior, meets all the safety requirements. Barneo Ice Camp meets all the standards of the winter base-camp. It is equipped with heated tents for sleeping accommodation and large and comfortable mess- tent – our Polar Café.

Qualification required for all others expeditions:

Expedition to the North Pole last/half degree (ski)
  • • you are going to walk on skis or foot for 8-10 hours daily for 5-10 days
  • • you have to pull 40-50 kg expedition sled with equipment, fuel, and food
  • • the temperature in the Pole usually between -20 C° and -35 C°, wind may increase cooling effect and
    it is good if you have endured it in the pastExpedition to the North Pole last/half degree (ski)
Tandem & Solo skydives at the North Pole
  • • Tandem — No prior skydiving experience is required to jump tandem with one of our experienced crew
  • • Solo — you must be extremely experienced and hold an FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale)
    category “D” license.
Dive expedition to the North Pole
  • • you should have Ice Diver PADI, you will be asked to present your certificate, diver’s logbook and
    complete diver personal information form
  • • you should have experience with cold water diving and dry-suit dives
  • • you should take a training course on the White sea in the dive-center within last two month before
    departure to the North Pole.

Trip insurance

Trip cancellation insurance is highly recommended for every expedition. Medical Evacuation insurance with a minimum coverage of 100,000 euro is required on every expedition.

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